Training and Mentoring

for Founders, Executive Directors, and Board Members

I know the look. That glassy-eyed look when you start talking about nonprofit management and fundraising. You would think Sheldon was explaining anything science to Penny! Yeah, that look. But not with me. I light up when someone mentions the words appeal letter or fundraising! I’ve designed these interactive training programs so you can have a place to conquer your greatest challenge and have someone who knows the lingo to bounce ideas off of and help you get your nonprofit where you want it.

Registering Now for November 2019!


Fundraising Planning 2020 (Self Paced) November 1st- 30th

Registering Now for October 2019!

Get It Done Training

Write Your Fundraising Letter October 7-10 (4 days)

New to Fundraising or the Nonprofit World?

There is no better place to start than with a Training or Mentoring program to get you ready for donations and grants. During our group calls, you will have my expertise to help you through the topic’s challenges.

You will have access to a private Facebook group where you and your fellow group members will be able to share your struggles and your wins. You are not alone!  (You might even find a friend who can talk your lingo!)

When you are done with the Training program, you will walk away with a solid plan of attack and the skills to get it done.

Choose the Mentoring program if you need one on one time with me each week to walk through a particular challenge you are facing. We will walk through the challenge, form some action steps, and have some accountability to take the necessary measures to propel you forward.

No matter which program you chose, I know you’ve got this!

Why Train with Me?

  • Affordable

I offer affordable training on topics that apply to your stage of nonprofit development. I believe the knowledge you need shouldn’t cost more than starting a nonprofit (or your budget)!  After all, you’ve already spent so much to get your organization up and running. You should be putting as much as possible toward programs.

  • Clear the Confusion

My trainings are put together with you in mind. I think through your level of knowledge and time constraints. Then, I design programs to help you get what you need quickly.  Since these are month-long trainings, you have access to me outside of the one hour a week calls. You will have action items to make sure you keep focused and moving forward. The group setting will help you stay accountable and let you know you are not alone.

  • Sound Practices

When I design programs, I make sure you are getting the most updated tried and true practices. The things I teach are not get funding quick tactics that lead to unsustainable fundraising. They are sound practices that lead to sustainable funding year after year.

  • You Raise More Money

No matter, if we are talking management or fundraising, following the training and putting it into practice, will put those things in place that will raise more money.

  • Experienced Teacher

I have been in the nonprofit world for twelve years- studying nonprofit marketing and fundraising every day. I live, breathe, and (to the dismay of those close to me) talk about new and small nonprofits and the ways they can bring in sustainable funding. I teach new and small nonprofits about funding their mission on my blog, in-person talks, monthly trainings, and in the free Facebook Group- At the Top: Small Nonprofit Leaders.


Who Is This Training For?

You are in the right place if:

  • You want to fund your mission the right way and quickly cut through the confusion you are feeling over what to do now.
  • You are leading a nonprofit but don’t have the clarity of direction needed to lead.
  • You want a clear path to get to your goals.


This training is not for you if:

  • You already know (or think you know) the topic being trained.
  • You have clarity in how to lead your nonprofit.
  • You are willing to cut corners to get funding quick.
  • Your budget is over $1 million and you are consistently meeting budget.


One month intensive training focusing on one topic. Each Coaching program offers a different topic and may include: Building a Nonprofit Board, Laying the Foundation of your Nonprofit That Sets You Up for Funding,  and Getting Started Fundraising 

 You Will Receive

  • One month of group coaching
  • Video Coaching Call one-hour session once a week.
  • Email with a Video replay of Coaching Call
  • Daily email access to me
  • Focus on one topic
  • Access to Facebook private mastermind group for one month

November 2019 Training topic:

Fundraising Planning 2020 runs November 1st- 30th

We are talking about putting your fundraising plan together for 2020. This training will be self-paced due to the holidays.


November 1st– Video lessons one and two are released via email. Includes video and all associated worksheets/templates/etc.

November 5th (7-8 pm)- Video Call– Answer questions.

November 8th– Video lesson three and four are released via email. Includes video and all associated worksheets/templates/etc. 

November 12th– (7-8 pm)- Video Call- Answer questions

November 13th- 30th– Available by email for any other questions. One hour calls or video chats available by appointment.

What’s Included:

  • Worksheets to help you organize your information
  • Short video lessons to help you get the information and get to your action steps quickly.
  • Personalized attention in the form of video calls, emails, and a Facebook Group.


Limit: 10 people per group





One on One Private Mentoring

One month intensive Mentoring program for Founders, Board Members, Executive Directors, and Fundraising Leaders. This program will help you with one topic specific to you as it relates to funding or managing a nonprofit.


You Will Receive

  • 90-minute Video Coaching Call session once a week.
  • Daily email access to me
  • Goal Setting and Action Steps
  • Accountability with weekly email and texting option
  • Email with a Video replay of Coaching Call
  • Focus on one topic
  • Access to Facebook private mastermind group for one month and one year access with paid mentorship


Mentoring topics:

  • Donor Retention
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Appeal Letter Writing
  • Board Engagement
  • Building a Board
  • Program Development
  • Identifying Your Ideal Donor
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Fundraising Ideas/ Basics
  • Time Management for One Person Departments


Topic Chosen by Participant

Limit: 3 people

 Contact Alesha for availability.



Get It Done Trainings

Get It Done Boot Camps are short multi-day workshops designed give you the knowledge and skills you need to get that one thing off your plate.

Who Benefits from Get It Done Boot Camps?

  • You know you need it done but don’t know where to begin.
  • You know a little but not a lot and need some extra guidance.
  • You need the focused time and accountability to get it done and off your plate.

Write Your Fundraising Letter  (Training runs October 7th- 10th)

This 4- day Get It Done training walks you through creating your fundraising letter. Whether you send mail via the post office, email, or a combination of both, this training will have you walking away with your letter and complete campaign just in time for year-end giving.

What Makes This Training Different?

It is a mix of training, doing, and feedback on how to write your letters. It is a focused time to help you get it done.

Who Should Participate?

  •  Anyone who has little to no experience writing a fundraising letter.
  • Anyone who knows they need a fundraising letter to go out this December but doesn’t know how to write one.
  • Anyone who needs some help with fundraising letters.

Who Should Not Participate?

  • You know how to write a fundraising letter (or you think you do).
  • Your last fundraising letter brought in $5,000 or more.
  • You don’t have a donor list.


October 7th (7- 8 pm)- Video Call– Introduction, Parts of a Fundraising Letter, Best Practices, Homework Worksheet Assigned, Templates released

October 8th– Get It Done Day- Gather Information for Worksheet, Write Draft, 9 pm EST deadline to post questions for Office Hours and Drafts can be submitted for feedback.

October 9th– (2-3 pm)- Facebook Live Office Hours in private Facebook Group- Questions posted in advance can be found on replay. Hot Seat volunteers sign up by 9 pm EST.

October 10th– (7-8 pm)- Video Call- Hot Seat, Clearing up Challenges

What’s included:

  • Worksheets to Organize Your Information
  • Templates for all the pieces to a successful mailout
  • Fundraising Letter completed
  • Individualized feedback
  • Replays of video calls


Price    $25 per person


Create a Fundraising Plan          (Training runs November 4th- 7th)

This intense 5- day Get It Done training walks you through writing a Fundraising Plan with the goal of having a ready to implement plan at the end. There are 3 video calls and Get It Done Days in between.

What Makes This Training Different?

It is a mix of training, doing, and feedback on writing your fundraising plan. It is a focused time to help you get it done.

Who Should Participate?

  •  Anyone who has little to no experience writing a fundraising plan.
  • Anyone who knows they need a first year (or first) fundraising plan but doesn’t know how to write one.
  • Anyone who needs some help with fundraising plan strategies.

Who Should Not Participate?

  • You know how to write a fundraising plan (or you think you do).
  • You already have a fundraising plan.
  • You don’t need funding strategies.


November 4th (7- 8 pm)- Video Call– Introduction, Why a Fundraising Plan (to help you convince the nay-sayers), Current Assessment, Identify Your Assets, Homework

November 5th– Get It Done Day- Catch up on Homework

November 6th– (7-8 pm)- Video Call– The Roadmap, Homework

November 7th– (2-3 pm)- Facebook Live Office Hours in private Facebook Group- Questions can be posted in advance and be found on replay.                                                 – (7-8 pm)- Video Call– Monitor and Refine, Wrap Up, Answer any Lingering Questions

What’s Included:

  • Fundraising Plan Template
  • Worksheets to help you organize your information,
  • Replays of video calls

Price    $25 per person

Still on the fence? That’s okay! Training isn’t for everyone and the right fit is most important. There is only one way to find out. Book your informational (and no pressure) call today to see if we are a good fit!

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