I recently received the question, “What are some resources for board development?” To answer your question, here are seven irresistible non-profit board resources.


  1. Boardsource.org has a blog for board education. Sign up for their newsletter for free templates.


  1. Bridgespan.org has a non-profit board resource center with resources to educate board members on their responsibilities, building a board, and so much more.


  1. 501Commons.org is a list of resources including books on governance.


  1. Boardeffect.com is a list of articles for board members.


  1. Boardable.com is a resource library for all things non-profit board and board roles.


  1. Nonprofitready.org offers courses on a myriad of topics including board governance. Create a free account for access.


  1. Mathisnps.com/board is a collection of blog posts in templates on the subject of boards.


These resources should help you and your board become smarter leaders. Check them out today.


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