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Hi, I’m Alesha Mathis.

You passionately want to make a difference with your nonprofit.

I serve folks like you, providing the tools you need to get exactly what you want: a successful nonprofit that transforms lives.

I remember working at a nonprofit…

…and thinking I would love to have eight arms right now (…or better yeta few clones!)

There just wasn’t enough time in the day for one person to get it all done! A manager once gave me a book to help with time management, called “The One-Minute Manager.”

I remember eagerly reading it, hoping to finally find that “magical” solution to my time management headaches… but by about the fifth page in, I was completely discouraged! The book talks about delegating and not taking on projects unless you are certain that you can manage them.

As a one-woman department at an organization on a VERY tight budget, juggling 20 highly knowledge-specialized projects at any given time… I simply didn’t have anyone to delegate TO!

That was the most frustrating and demoralizing time in my career.

I wish I’d had someone like me to help…

The idea for Mathis Nonprofit Services had been rattling around in my head for about twenty years, but it wasn’t until fell in love with a small nonprofit and felt the pain and frustration of wearing so many hats that my business was defined.

For eight years, I worked for larger nonprofits learning about administrationthe nuts and bolts of nonprofits, marketing, and fundraisinghow to bring in millions of dollars…

I saw how they brought in big bucks and the low-cost & no-cost techniques they used. I studied the industry leaders to hone my craft.

I knew what to do!

And there I was, running the programs department in a small nonprofit, where I was told marketing and fundraising was not my job and no one would listen to my expertisehow we could do a few small, no-cost changes and automate so much and see the organization skyrocket.

I knew my talents weren’t being utilized and that frustrated me.  I knew I could help.

But I was in programs, not fundraising.

After ten years in the nonprofit world, I now serve new & small nonprofits. I’ve bundled my frustrations into a solution for youanother “clone” who understands small & new nonprofits, their fundraising needs, and their budget constraints.

Today, I am a regular guest blogger on Sandi Purinton’s Insurance Connection while running my business.

I served as a panelist in Digital Marketing Boot Camp by the Small Business Development Center University of Georgia.

When I’m not creating actionable content, taking care of my clients, or figuring out how to best help those I serve… I am taking part in Netflix binge-watching, spending time with my family, and taking care of my cats.

(Don’t call me the crazy cat lady, but here are some photos, because I can’t resist.)

Esteemed Guest-Experts on the Nonprofit Insiders Club Meetings



The Alpha Male of the pack (or would that be pride?), he has orange polka dots down his back and the personality of a true ginger. Quick to anger, quick to forgive, and down for brushing sessions… on his terms.


He is the true king of the house, getting along with everyone.  Has a mild temperament… unless you go near his food. Henry is a Hemingway with his extra digits.


Cali is the only female and holds her own against her brothers. Like Hunter, she has the exact same pattern of orange polka dots down her back. Like Henry, she is a Hemmingway with extra digits.
The Three Amigos, as the family refers to them, are rescues.

Following a day or two without their attentive mother, three very hungry kittens emerged from under a storage shed. After determining “momma cat” was not coming back… my daughter and I scooped them up and took them home. They were two weeks old and had to be hand-fed for the next few months, which probably explains why they think they are people.

Today, they are happy and healthy and can be seen on my Facebook Live calls, AKA the Nonprofit Insiders Club meetings.

You may notice Hunter sauntering to his place in the window. Henry frequently walks across the back of the couch and grooms himself. And Cali can be seen sleeping peacefully on the pillows on the couch. On more than one occasion, they’ve gotten into sibling squabbles during the Facebook Lives. It’s always a zoo at my house!

If you see them, feel free to say, “hey”!

I Believe…
Nonprofits should operate as a passionate business, never losing focus of the compassion they have for the people they serve.

And they should be empowered to do so, using low-cost & no-cost fundraising and marketing techniques to skyrocket their impact.

Let’s start a conversation about working together today…

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