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How To Plan Your Giving Tuesday and Help You Rock The Day

Giving Tuesday is closer than you think! It’s time to start thinking through the process you will need to have a successful day. In a few months, the videos, social media posts, website, and online giving materials will need to be created and scheduled. Today, we concentrate on the plan. (And by the way, this plan isn’t just for Giving Tuesday! You can use it to create any online giving campaign or integrate it into an appeal campaign!)

How to Sustain Funds for Your Nonprofit, Part 4: Stewarding

Our love story continues today as we continue to sustain funds by stewarding our donors. I’ll bet you thought asking and receiving was the end of things. Well, a really good love affair lasts decades, stays connected, and evolves. It’s exactly what a donor relationship should do.

7 Fundraising Strategies When Money Is Tight

When you are starting out, money is tight. Money can get tight as the economy changes. No matter how long you are a nonprofit you will run into lean years. It’s a fact of life. So what are some ways you can gain more funds when money is tight? Here are seven...

The Nonprofit Industry’s Dirty Word and How to Use It to Your Advantage

The nonprofit industry as a whole hates the word “marketing”. It is a dirty word- never to be spoken. The only thing I can figure is that marketing is associated with for-profit business and nonprofits and their donors don’t like anything connected to the for-profit business. The problem is that…

What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Grant Writer

Are You Ready to Hire a Grant Writer?   First, your 501c3 nonprofit organization needs to be ready for grants. (I covered how to be grant ready in Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Grant Money? Part 1 and Part 2). If you decide a grant writer is for you, here are some...

First Year Fundraising Plan in 5 Steps Plus Free Bonuses

A Fundraising Plan is a roadmap to get from where you are now to where you want to be this time next year. There are a lot of fundraising plans out there but they are all cumbersome for a small nonprofit. These plans require a lot of work, are complicated and, really,...

Successful Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

“We’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of original content or a program to promote but we need a social media presence. What do we post?” This is a dilemma I hear often. I always recommend a social media strategy called 4-1-1. It comes from social media experts...

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Hi! I’m Alesha. I teach new and small nonprofit leaders how to raise funds so that they can transform the lives of the people they want to serve. I help them set foundations that get them ready for grants and donations. I walk you through sound fundraising practices- action step by action step- to alleviate the overwhelm and make you productive and successfully following your passion for helping people. I also help the overwhelm by taking fundraising tasks off of your plate.

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