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When Should You Launch a Legacy Giving Program? by Guest Blogger Lori Kranczer

Legacy Giving is something every nonprofit should incorporate at some point. Guest blogger Lori Kranczer is an attorney who has been specializing in planned giving for nonprofits for 18 years.  Lori has directed national planned giving programs as well as worked with organizations just starting out to create their legacy giving programs.  She is located in New York, NY. Today, she is helping us with when to launch a Legacy Giving Program.

Setting Goals Your Organization Can Accomplish

Goal setting is a key to planning Fiscal year. How do you set goals that are realistic? I use the acronym SMARTE when figuring out my goals in grant writing, personal planning, and in my business.  Nonprofit organizations can benefit when applying them too.

How to Successfully Move Your Nonprofit Forward this Year

Planning hasn't been a natural activity for me. Once I started planning, I saw the results and it became an obsession. What results could possibly make this planner phobic into planning obsessed? I have four reasons to plan: it saves time, it saves money, it provides...

Three Steps to Your Nonprofit’s Grants Breakthrough in 2019

I’m excited to bring Lesa-kaye in today as our guest blogger. Lesa-kaye trains and coaches nonprofits and community-based organizations on how to win their first or next grant. With her winning grant strategies, she has helped nonprofits win more than $15 million in grants including funding from the federal government.

How to Get Donations When You Are Starting Out

“I need donations for my new non-profit!” I hear that often. Funding your organization and your programs are so important. When programs aren’t funded, the people you want to help can’t be served. It’s frustrating and can keep you up at night. The problem is that your...

Behind the Scenes Look at the Appeal Creation Process (and Bonus)

Part one of the fundraising appeal creation process includes project management. Take a look at the process and a free timeline bonus.

How to Develop a Program that will Make You Grant Ready (and a Free Worksheet)

You got into nonprofit work to not just do something about a problem but to solve it. Programs are how you do something about a problem and they serve as your proof of concept. Developing a program is crucial to your organization's prosperity. Programs allow you to...

I Need a Great Nonprofit Board of Directors! Now What?!?

Note:If you are working your way through the 9 Action Steps to a Successful Nonprofit, this article will help you with Step 1. Congratulations! You are at the point you need to build a Board of Directors. You may not know the nuts and bolts of Board recruitment- much...
writing a fundraising appeal letter

Behind the Scenes: Anatomy of an Appeal

In the first post, Behind the Scenes Look at the Appeal Creation Process, we talked about how to manage the process. Today, we will look at actually writing the appeal.   Donors want to know three things: Why your organization? Tell your emotional story of why...

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