“We’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of original content or a program to promote but we need a social media presence. What do we post?” This is a dilemma I hear often. I always recommend a social media strategy called 4-1-1. It comes from social media experts and allows you to begin building the like, trust, and know factors that are so important for online marketing.

What is the 4-1-1 Strategy?

In business, the 4-1-1 strategy comes down to, for every six posts, there are: 4 curated posts, 1 original post, and 1 promotional post. To break it down further, curated posts are posts that are shared from other sources. Original posts are blog posts. Promotional posts are any posts where you promote a product or service from the business.

Why the 4-1-1 Strategy?

The advantages of this strategy are:

  • It increases the like, trust, and know factors by positioning you as a resource and expert in your field.
  • It helps you
    • continue a conversation without being pushy or “sales-y”
    • become a social media influencer with a large following
    • find your “tribe” or people who have similar interests as you.
  • Allows you to vary your post content,
  • Keeps the information new and interesting.

That’s fine for business but what about a Nonprofit?

A nonprofit can adapt this strategy very effectively. Here is how it looks for a nonprofit:

  • Curated Posts- These will be cause related news articles or articles in a related field. Some examples would be a breast cancer related cause would look for cancer research news articles or breast cancer sources to share.
  • Original Posts- Do you have a blog, vlog, or podcast? Use these as original posts. Videos, Facebook Lives, check presentations, or any activity that shows your cause’s impact can be considered original posts.
  • Promotional Posts- These would be posts that require a call to action your cause would benefit from. Examples are: needs (inkind donations), monetary donations, lead magnets (read about them here), and Amazon SMILE or other fundraising program.

Put this strategy into practice to begin building your social presence. Join the Nonprofit Insiders Club (Facebook Live) on Tuesday, February 27th at 1 pm to get your free download Tools to Use to Implement the 4-1-1 Social Media Strategy.

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