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You need funds to serve your clients. One way to have a successful fundraiser is to have a multi-channel appeal. What is a multi-channel appeal? A multi-channel appeal is a letter requesting funds and integrated with email, web marketing, and Direct Mail.

This type of campaign is right for anyone who has the ability to send letters by direct mail, an email service provider (ESP), a website, and a mailing and email list.


I know this sounds expensive and if you are struggling financially, it seems like a big risk. In reality, this is not as risky as you might think. When you combine your email, direct mail, and website, you typically receive a 37% response rate. That is higher than using any one channel!


But it costs money! Yes, but not as much as you think. I priced the direct mail pieces on officedepot.com and have the break down below. And email is not expensive if you already have an email service provider and why not increase your return on investment in your ESP! If you followed the 9 Action Step Guide to a Successful Nonprofit you already have a website. Again, allowing your website to work for your fundraising goals, helps increase the return on your website investment.


Here are sample numbers for direct mail.

It should be the only direct costs associated with the campaign.


For 150 letters-

Letter Printed

Letter printed on letterhead, black and white /double-sided / 28 lb paper



Reply Device

Printed black and white/ single-sided, on cardstock



Reply Device Cut into Thirds



#10 Envelopes (Outer envelope)

box of 250



#9 Envelopes (return envelope)

box of 500



Total $105.79


Let’s look at the potential return on investment.


If you send out 150 letters, send an email, and sync your website to the campaign message, your potential response rate is 37%. The math looks like this:


105 x .37= 55 replies


If the average donation is $25:

55 x 25= $1,375


If you take out the cost of the appeal letter ($105.79), you have $1,269.21* to put into your program. Without a lot of effort, you have a good return on investment.


*Note:  Online donations will have a fee associated with the donation and will lower this number.


How do you do this?


You will need to Sync all your messages and design a campaign that allows your donors to give online and by mail. You will drive your online traffic to your website and give your direct mail and online giving option.


As a special bonus, don’t forget to download your Appeal Campaign Package to receive all the components you need for a DIY appeal campaign.

Who can benefit from this package?
  • Never created an appeal campaign
  • Don’t have time to create one from scratch
  • Need some ideas
What templates are included?
  • Initial letter and email
  • Reply Device
  • Follow up letter (can be used as an email)
  • Landing Page
  • Thank you letter/email
  • Instructions
  • Timeline


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