One habit leaders should be in (or get into) is reading to learn and grow. But if you don’t know anything about fundraising, you may not know what to read. So, to help you out I’ll be reviewing different books from time to time.


About the author

Our first book is by Jerold Panas titled The Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards. Panas has recently passed away but he is still considered one of the grandmasters of american fundraisers. His career included being an executive director as well as co-founder of the Institute for Charitable Giving, where he worked with nonprofits all over the nation.


Why I chose this book


I’ve chosen this book for several reasons. First, we are talking about boards this month so it fit nicely.  Second, it is a quick read – about an hour – so you can quickly get the information and start applying it. Lastly, while many of the 25 habits listed may be difficult for small nonprofits to set, all the habits can either be implemented now or strived to be accomplished in the future. It is worth you and your Board to read.


About the book


The fundraising habits is comprised of 25 short chapters illustrating The Habit with great stories from Panas’ experience. I don’t think any chapter is more than five pages and there are a lot of wisdom in those pages. Take habit 7 – you’re passionate about your organization… And show it. One quote I love “money allows your organization to operate. And the commitment of Trustees determines what you do. But it is passion that dictates how well you do it. “


The habits are common sense that have been around for a while but seem to be lost among newer organizations. They are tried-and-true habits. I also love that at the back of the book is a board members scorecard to help you and each Board member evaluate performance.


There you have it. The book is a quick read and packed with a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. It takes about an hour to read and you will walk away with new understanding and a renewed passion for your board.


If you would like to purchase the book, I have an Amazon affiliate link* here.


* affiliate link means I get a commission on the sale.





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