Why should you be writing your fundraising letter now? The short answer is money. But why now? These three reasons are the ones every professional fundraiser knows (and they didn’t want me to tell you).


#1-  Funding is in your List


After many years in the business, I am convinced that your funding is in your list. This is the most direct way to reach and ask that list for funding. If you have any donors at all, now is the time. Every nonprofit even if they have a few donors will end up raising money with a one-two page letter to the donor. Now might be a good time to do some research using the USPS’s route finder and get some new addresses to send to. You can’t add them to your general list unless they send a donation but you might get a few new donors. Use the route finder on your tax assessors website to find addresses’ of your ideal donor . Write your letter and send as many as you can afford. Send emails only to those who have emails to cut down on costs. If you need help with letter writing, you can download an integrated appeal campaign template here and use the parts you need.


# 2- The Funding is Out There


This time of year 80% of a total non-profit funding is received – mostly through letters. I know many nonprofits that almost fund their budget this time of year. I still contend you need more than one source and a fundraising plan but a fundraising letter can bring in much-needed funds.


# 3- It’s the Time of Year to Give.


It’s the time of year people are most likely to give. Thanksgiving and Christmas traditionally focus on gratitude and hope – ideas that get people giving.

Professional fundraisers know that giving is emotional. There is a whole psychology to giving. We hate giving money up on one hand but once we do, there are endorphins that make us happy. We are wired to give to help each other so asking this time of year makes sense. And asking doesn’t have to be hard or make you feel bad, you aren’t asking for yourself. You’re asking for those you serve. Those who don’t have a voice and without your donor support and your organization’s services has little hope.

It’s time to get that letter written. If you need help, there are several ways to get it. Join at the top: Small non-profit leaders to get tips and help from me on writing fundraising letters. You can also have me write your letters for you. Check out my services here.

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