If you’ve been reading my blog at all this month you know that Nonprofit Nation is the new membership I’m opening up August 1, 2020. Momentum is stage 3 of that membership. Nonprofits in stage 3 are getting more and more success in fundraising and are starting to realize that fundraising is more than a transaction.


Members of Momentum are also learning how to avoid 4 common mistakes that creep up at this stage.


Not Connecting Fundraising Activities To Organizational / Fundraising Goals


I see many nonprofits that are in such a hurry to get the nonprofit started that they immediately begin putting in place all the things that they think they have to have. Social media is one of those things. When they first start a Facebook page, they do it because everyone else is doing it. They don’t stop and think about how the Facebook page plays a role in fundraising or organizational goals. By the time these organizations get to the momentum stage they are so concerned with what to post that they forget why they are posting. Nonprofit Nation helps you figure out what your goals are for fundraising and the organization and how each piece should fit into those goals. One of the founding principles of Nonprofit Nation is that if it doesn’t support a fundraising or organizational goal it either has to change to fit or it needs to go. Because we don’t have time for busy work.


Not Doing The Right Things That Bring In More Funding


People in Nonprofit Nation’s Momentum stage are learning to do the right things that bring in more funding and not the things that bring in less funding. We learn about how to identify those funding sources for each individual organization and how to use them to increase funding.


Not Measuring Success / Failure


Many organizations forget to measure and define what success or failure looks like for them. Momentum members learn what to measure, how to measure, and how to define if it was a success or not. Knowing when you’ve succeeded or failed in fundraising helps you evaluate the fundraiser and keeps you from putting money into a fundraiser that is not giving you money in return.

Not Leveling Up On Your Donor Acquisition


You may start out acquiring new donors with one method but as your organization changes your methods of acquiring new donors should change and be added to. Momentum members know that there are many ways for donors to come into the organization and are intentionally driving donors to the organization with many different techniques.  They know at each stage they must level up their donor acquisition to continue raising more and more funds.


I would like to invite you to become a member of Nonprofit Nation. The membership content will be one video released at the beginning of the month, an implementation guide, two live Q&As, and one implementation week. The 10-20 minute video will introduce the month’s topic and explain the what and why behind the topic. Most videos will be 10 minutes so you can quickly get what you need and get started. Twenty-minute videos will be reserved for complex topics that require a deeper dive. The implementation component will be tailored to each stage and may include worksheets, templates, checklists, SWIPE files, accountability methods, or anything else that will help you quickly implement what you’ve learned. Then, weeks two and three will be live Q&As to help clear the confusion and keep you on track to get real results. The last week will be implementation week to help you get caught up before the next month’s topic.


My goal is to give you the right information to get this topic accomplished and implemented quickly so you can see results as fast as possible.

The doors are open and you can sign up here.

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