As I went to write another blog post, I thought writing a letter to you would be better. We are in unprecedented times after all. First, I want you to know you are not alone. I want to encourage you to continue. Don’t give up. Yes, things have gotten harder. But things will also get better.


I know fundraising is still a huge concern during this time. You may feel a little bit more pressure than you did before for funding. Maybe you’re feeling defeated because you’ve been working so hard at getting your nonprofit going and it feels like it’s slipping away. Some of you may even be thinking that it’s been one hit after another. You wonder if giving up is the best thing. Others may be out of the initial start up phase of your nonprofit but you’ve not faced difficult economic times so you don’t know what to do.


Anyone that tells you they know exactly how to get through this, is trying to sell you something. Anyone who has a magic fundraising secret is selling you something. The truth is, not since 1918 has the world seen anything like this and nonprofits and technology have drastically changed. There are a few of us around that have seen recessions (maybe even a few that survived The Great Depression)  but nothing like this.


There is something that you can do to weather the storm . Fundraising Basics are always sound. They are always sustainable. Our message has to change right now and our tactics must change too. We must be a little bit more creative. We must have a little more empathy. And we need to make sure that we are letting our donors know that we are capable of moving through this pandemic. Even if we really don’t know how we’re going to move through it.


If you don’t have donors, now it’s time to get your lead magnet up and promote it to get leads. People are on the internet more often and downloading free helps. Your lead magnet can be one of those. Get your email sequences and newsletters out now. Show up on Facebook and email telling people about your passion for others.


This Too Shall Pass. Hang in there and do those things that help you become stronger as an organization. Go back and get your foundations ready. Reaching out to people to check on them. Some of us are not okay. Be the light for someone else. We’ll get through this together.


Until next time,



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