“I can’t get people to donate! “says the nonprofit leader.


“Who is your ideal Donor?” I ask.


With a puzzled look, the nonprofit leader replied, “Everyone!”


Another nonprofit leader wants to know how to get more donations. The problem is that they can’t find owners or receive donations. The problem is that they aren’t doing the right fundraising habits. There are four habits every fundraiser must begin in order to bring in money.


Define your Ideal Donor


Your ideal donor possesses the characteristics of the people most likely to donate to your cause. These characteristics include age, gender, income and interest. For a worksheet on how to define your ideal donor, go here.


The ideal donor helps you focus your fundraising efforts. When you know who the most likely person is to donate to your cause, you can brainstorm ways to get in front of them.


Find Your First 100 fans


When you find your first 100 fans, do you have a basis to turn those fans into donors? Next week, we will go into detail about how to get the first 100 fans.


Turn Those 100 Fans Into 25 Donors


Use nurturing techniques like newsletters, thank you notes, and telling your fans the difference they can make, to turn your fans into donors.  Asking them to partner with you will help.


Create Weekly , Monthly,  And Quarterly Processes.


Processes will help you quickly and consistently build on your fundraising success.  Create a checklist for the things you need to do weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Fundraising habits are one of the many topics we talk about in one-on-one mentoring.  It’s affordable and it will give you the confidence to know you are doing the right things to get funding.

For more information on Mentoring, go here.

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