I follow Bobby Klink of social media and through his podcast.  He helps entrepreneurs with their businesses.  One of the concepts he talks about is that entrepreneurs need more cowbells, something to make them stand apart from the crowd.  It has become a cry in his communities that means that the entrepreneurs’ businesses need more of the entrepreneur.  Meaning, the entrepreneur needs to be front and center in the face of their business.

The catchphrase came from a Saturday Night Live skit, one of their most popular of all time.  Please watch the skit down below!

This got me thinking, nonprofits need more cowbells too!  Here are three ways nonprofits can add more cowbells.

1.  Find a Face for the Nonprofit

Your nonprofit isn’t a robot entity.  It’s human too because it either serves people or relies on people to support it.  The Founder, Board Chair, or Executive Director is often the face of a nonprofit.  Choose one or two to be the face.  Get out into the community through networking and speaking engagements.  Let people see you.

2.  Find a Voice for the Nonprofit

This is different from finding a face.  Your voice is how your communications talk to people.  What is the personality of your communication?  It’s okay to be personable and not businesslike.  Your voice will depend on your cause and your brand but it should be human and compassionate.  your voice is what will attract people to your cause, the ones who want to support you.  They will understand the change you are trying to create in the world.

3.  Become a Storyteller

Storytelling is one of the most important skills you need in order to raise funds.  People identify with stories.  They remember them because the brain is set up for stories.  I read recently that often the reason we can’t remember the names of people we just met is because we don’t associate any context to the name.  Stories give us context so if we tell ourselves a little story to go with the name, we remember it next time.  Donors are the same way.  When we can put a client story to the nonprofit, we not only remember it but we are also drawn to help.  Most people want to help others.


How can more cowbells help your organization?  Join the conversation on Facebook at Mathis Nonprofit Services:   https://www.facebook.com/MathisNonprofitServices


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