January can be a time of rest for nonprofits. You’ve just come through the giving season! But now is not the time to slack on your social media. I’m giving you a list of national days so you can tailor days to your nonprofit. Go here for more days: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/january/

Nonprofit Specifics


1 New Year’s Day

4 National Trivia Day- Tell a fun fact about your org

9 National Law Enforcement Day- Post a shout out to law enforcement

10 National Cut Your Energy Costs Day- Give a list of ways a person can cut energy costs. Set it up as a lead magnet to capture emails.

11 National Save the Eagles Day

12 National Human Trafficking Day– post to raise awareness

13 National Vision Board Day- Tell your supporters the Board’s vision for your org

14 National Dress up Your Pet Day- Rescue organizations ask supporters to post pics of their pet dressed up or dress up pets ready for adoption

15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

18 Get to Know Your Customers Day- Approach this from client or donor perspective. Cross-Post stories of clients from your blog or ask your supporters questions about them through polls. Promote an online Donor Survey.

21 National Hugging Day- Give your supporters a virtual hug. Invite them to tag someone they would like to give a virtual hug too.

26 National Big Wig Day- Feature your Executive Director/ CEO. Feature Leadership team or Board members.

28 National Have Fun at Work Day- Post a Facebook Live showing how you have fun while working.

31 National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day– Art related organizations can post pictures of different types of art. Invite people to experience the art in person.


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