Last week, I talked about using the AIDA advertising format to design a donor funnel on social media and gain donors.

To refresh your memory, AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action and is used in marketing and advertising. I remember in college I was struggling to remember the order of the acronym. There was a guy that explained it to me. He said to think of it as picking a girl up in a bar. The first step is to get her attention. Then, you strike up a conversation and hopefully, you are able to get some interest in you. Once you have her interest, you set out to strike desire in her. If you’ve done everything right, you get some action.

Remember that came from a 21-year-old but it has stuck with me all these years. And I haven’t forgotten AIDA. We can use AIDA as a framework in our social media.

Today, we finish up with Desire and Action.



Imagine having people tagging you on other people’s content or tagging their friends on your content.  When people want to connect you to others and share what you are saying, you have reached the desire level of your social media funnel.  These people have bought into your mission and are sharing you with the people they come in contact with. This stage is also where you will find volunteers.

Keeping this stage in mind when you create posts will help you move people to this stage and give people in this stage an outlet. Sometimes it only takes inviting people to tag someone.



This stage is where people become donors. They donate to your online fundraisers and are then moved to your donor retention funnel.  Use some posts to invite people to give. Remember giving can be money and needed items.


That’s it- the AIDA framework. Join me on my Facebook page to talk a little deeper about this framework.

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